Chrome Extension Setup


The extension is based on Chrome Manifest v3, and therefore requires Chrome v108 or newer. The extension will not work on older versions of Chrome.


Step 1

Visit and click "VPN99 - fast secure VPN"

Step 2

Immediately, you will see the VPN99 space where you will need to hit the "Add to Chrome" icon then -> click "Add Extension".

Step 3

Once you have downloaded the extension, a couple of indicators;

VPN99 icon should show on the "Extension" icon on the top right corner as well as the message prompt - "VPN99 has been added to Chrome".

Step 4

Enter your login credentials or sign up for a new plan

Step 5

Click on the 'Power' button to enable or disable the connection.

In addition, you can click on the country flag in order to switch servers and enable Stealth Mode in order to use TCP port 443 and overcome firewall protection.

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