WireGuard (iOS setup)

Process Flow:

Step 1

Sign in with your credentials on the VPN99 CRM - clients.vpn99.net and familiarize with the VPN Config Generator.

Step 2

Choose "Services" -> Click "Show Advanced Credentials" -> Select Protocol.

Step 3

On the VPN Profile Generator, choose "WireGuard" -> choose your desired server -> then kindly hit the "Download icon".

Step 4

Open the WireGuard entry on the App Store from https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wireguard/id1441195209 and install the app.

Step 5

Open the App -> Click "Add a tunnel" -> Then browse for your VPN Profile/Server file in your Computer files -> and Import it by clicking "Create from file or archive".

If you haven't already done so, open the VPN Profile Generator (Step 3 above) from the CRM and download the relevant WireGuard profile.

Step 6

After importing the config file of your chosen server -> hit "Allow" -> You are connected.

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