VPN99 Alias Creation


When you purchase a subscription using Apple or Google In-App Purchases (IAP), we have no visibility into your email address. Therefore, if you are an IAP user, you'll find that our CRM does not recognize your email address, or even worse - recognizes it but shows that it does not have an active premium plan.

The solution is linking your Apple or Google IAP account to your email address by following the steps below:

Step 1

Open your VPN99 and hit the three lines on the on the top left corner of your screen —> Click on 'Settings' .

Step 2

Once inside, please hit the + (plus) sign next to 'Alias' -> enter your details and click on 'Create an alias' .

Step 3

Check your Alias email inbox for a confirmation email to complete the procedure.

From your email and browser:

1) Look for the 'New Alias Request' email and click on 'Activate your Alias here'. Copy the activation code on the email and paste it into the relevant field on the web-form.

2) Check your Alias email inbox once again for your new login credentials, which you can now use to login into the app from any device.

3) Alias was successfully created! It will now show on the VPN99 app's Settings menu:


If your email address account already exists on our database, then you will receive the following error message during the process:

"A request was made to add your email address as an alias to an active account. However, it seems that your email address already exists on database. Please contact the support team with this message and they'll rename your existing email address account so you can complete the alias assignment process."

Please contact our support team and we'll rename your existing account on our system so you can successfully link your IAP account.

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